Incorporated on September 24, 2021, NOWCD is an organization of women directors in the boards of highly esteemed and reputable publicly listed companies. From its inception, NOWCD has made it its supreme mission to help increase the representation of women in leadership positions of public and private company boards. The organization believes that diversity is the key to bringing about balance and success to the future of any corporation.

Our drive is to foster a powerful and trusted community of women corporate directors, with the goal of increasing representation of women in leadership positions of public/private company boards, and inspire visionary boards nationwide.

We aim to provide education and tools through​
valuable local and international networks, ​
training, and capacity-building programs. ​
This is to keep members engaged, informed, and ​
high-performing as directors.​

  • Integrity
  • Commitment to nation building
  • Professional excellence
  • Courageous leadership
  • Collaborative spirit

  • To provide education and training, capacity-building tools
  • To create meaningful networking for sourcing and placement
  • To expand local and international board directorship opportunities for members
  • To build a pipeline of board-ready women by providing awareness, guidance, and inspiration through partnerships

For Non-Members/
Associate Members
  • To create pool of potential board directors as associate members
  • To build a pipeline of future Women Corporate Directors in the Philippines, and thereby increase B-Suite gender representation
  • To provide awareness, guidance, and inspiration for highly qualified women to become board directors
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